South Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd.

Project 1 :

Complete design & engineering of all the systems, sub-system, equipment, material and services including providing engineering data, site works details for New 33KV and 11KV lines, New 33 or 11 KV bays at 33/11 KV Grid SS, new 11/0.433 KV DTs, LT line and Service Connection etc.


Project 2 :

Supply of materials and equipments, Erection, testing and commissioning of 33/11 KV P/S/S, 33 KV Line, 11 KV Line, LT Line and Distribution Sub Station for electrification of villages and to provide BPL connections.

Project details

Project 1 Value (in Rs.)
20370.22 lacs

Project 2 Value (in Rs.)
20370.22 lacs

South Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd. Appreciate
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